Intelligence SI-200

For a thorough clean of all floor surfaces, mattresses and furniture along with the air that you breathe.

"By far the best vacuum I have ever used… very well designed." - Online Review




The patented IPC™ technology is designed to maintain powerful suction as the dust bag fills up. The power will automatically adjust itself to ensure high-performance cleaning at all times, and also automatically determines the suction required for each surface.

Automatic Dirt Recognition

The IPC™ detects the areas where your floors contain more dust and increases the suction power accordingly.


               Sauber Intelligence - IPC

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The MediClean™ filtration system which comes standard in every Intelligence si-200 consists of 5 individual filtration stages to maintain excellent hygiene whilst cleaning.


This high-quality filtration system includes a synthetic double-membrane closed dustbag, a HEPA H13 filter which removes 99.95% of particles, an active Carbon filter to remove remaining gas and odours, a second HEPA filter to remove motor commutate dust, and an anti-bacterial treatment to filter any last remaining germs and bacteria.

Hygienic Dust Removal

Enjoy a healthier home knowing that dust is safely trapped inside the high-quality MediClean dustbag.


               Sauber - Filtration





Included with every Sauber Intelligence si-200 is the elite Powerclean floor tool. This lightweight attachment contains an independent, highly efficient motor which drives a deep-cleaning brush within the powerhead.


By gently lifting your carpets as you clean, the Powerclean brush allows the Sauber's Advanced Air Flow toreach into the deepest areas of your carpet to succesfully remove embedded dirt, dustmites, and allergen-causing bacteria for an extremely hygienic clean.


The Powerclean floor tool also has a bright LED lighting system that allows you to clearly see under furniture and in dark corners, so you never miss a spot.

Exceptional Deep Cleaning

The Powerclean floor tool will remove an amazing amount of dust and dirt from your floors.


      Sauber si-200 Elite PowerClean Floor Tool         





Because of it's unique MediClean™ filtration system and the benefits that this provides to Asthma and Allergy sufferers, the Sauber Intelligence has been recognised by some of the worlds most prestigious Asthma authorities.


The Intelligence si-200 is recommended by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program for its contribution to managing asthma in the home, and it is the first vacuum cleaner to receive the official recommendation from the German Asthma and Allergy Association (DAAB), Europe's largest association of it's sort.

Breathe Easier

knowing that the Sauber is designed to help manage asthma and allergies in your home.


               Sensitive Choice Endorsement

Sauber Sensitive Choice




The Intelligent Floor Tool detects when you change floor surfaces and will automatically adjust itself when you move onto these new surfaces.


No longer will you have to manually change the floor tool every time you change floor surface - the Intelligent Floor Tool takes care of this for you. When you move from carpet onto hard floors, the Intelligent Floor Tool will gently engage soft brushes to ensure the tool does not scratch your hard floors, and allows the tool to glide across your floors effortlessly.

Non-stop Vacuuming

Continue cleaning without having to adjust any tools!


               Sauber si-200 Intelligent Floor Tool





The Intelligence si-200 contains some of the most innovative design solutions in the industry. The powered hose and handle system allow the user to control both the on/off functionality as well as the Powerhead directly from the handle, meaning the user no longer has to bend down to control the machine. The flexible hose is tapered so that it never splits, and is easily removed from the unit.


A long 9-metre power cable means that you can clean up to a total radius of 12.5m. The bright LED display clearly indicates the current power of the vacuum, and will alert you when the filters or bag need changing. Along with a built-in blower function, the si-200 also includes premium Sauber accessories, including a crevice tool, radiator brush and 2-in-1 dusting and upholstery brush.

Simple Design, Amazing Results

The innovative features on the Intelligence combine to provide an outstanding clean every time.







Because the Intelligence is constructed using premium European components, every machine comes with a full five-year warranty for parts and labour to ensure your peace of mind.


The Sauber is designed to provide you with a complete house clean for many years to come. In addition to the 5-year warranty, you will also receive support from our retail partners and our own Sauber Customer Service team in Australia should you have any questions about your Sauber.

Built To Last

We guarantee the Sauber for 5 years, and have designed it to last well beyond this period.


               5-year warranty





The Intelligence si-200 combines a high-performance Sauber motor with the optimised air flow in the hose to produce an incredibly quiet clean every time.


This makes it perfect for cleaning without disrupting other members of the household, particularly young children and pets, not to mention making it much more enjoyable for the user.


Quiet Cleaning

Get the best of both worlds - excellent cleaning results with minimum noise.


               Sauber si-200





  • Overall *

Intelligence SI-200
"Excellent "
While the quality of cleaning with the Sauber Intelligence SI 200 is excellent, but the maneuverability is not so good. The uni directional wheels at the rear of the machine are not user friendly and a more flexible hose would also be an improvement. These are the only difficulties though. The tools, the controls on the handle, the cord length and the power heads are all excellent. The reach of the wand is also good and it is not too heavy when undertaking the high dusting.
Intelligence SI-200
The best clean I have ever had. Handling can be a little clunky compared to modern upright machines but still very easy to use.
Intelligence SI-200
"At last a decent vacuum"
Godfreys Mt Barker SA excellent team with seems like old fashioned service.Thankyou.Nick
Intelligence SI-200
"Feeling Refreshed"
I was a bit nervous after my purchase. I wanted a vacuum that was going to last and with a son who suffers asthma and allergies wanted something that did a really goo job without me busting myself to hard on labour.
I am extremely happy with the sauber, great on the tiles - picking up all the dust / dirt / bird feathers from in the grooves in one go - I don't have to go back over places anymore. The power head is sensational - it practically vacuums itself - with the power it creates a natural forward motion - like having a dog pull on the lead - it just "wants to go",. my old carpet after only 2 vacuums seems to be sitting more plush and I believe it has picked up dirt / dust that my old vacuum cleaner simply kept going over - the saubers suction gets it right up out of there. Controls on the handle are great - mainly use on auto but turned it up to give a main traffic area a real clean and was impressed - made it a little hard to pull back towards me on high with the power head but nothing to cause injury ('im 32 - for an elderly person this setting with the power head would probably be a little hard to handle
Floors are clean, different attachments helped to get it all done, skiting, blinds, cornice lounges, rugs - house looks and smells fresher and cleaner - great for my sons asthma and allergies. I'm looking forward to vacuuming again this weekend
Overall - highly recommend purchasing
Intelligence SI-200
"Great suction"
As a mother of a small boy he's constantly getting dirty I keep buying other vacuums that didn't have a good enough suction power or enough heads for what I wanted! I found this vacuum and my house have been smelt or been so clean best part is the head that cleans our mattresses! All In all i would never go back to a normal vacuum!!!
Intelligence SI-200
"Highly recommended"
I am in the professional cleaning industry and as I get to use many different vacuum brands in my work and as I have personally owned another high end vacuum, the Sauber is by far my favourite. I cannot recommend this vacuum highly enough. Smooth, quiet, glides over floors with ease, just all around high quality, well worth the cost.
Intelligence SI-200
"Simply the best brand on the market"
I own & operate a specialised cleaning company. In the past 8 years I have tried many brands including Dyson, Nilfisk, Wertheim and was very frustrated by the low quality of such expensive machines. I had owned a Lux in the past which I was very happy with but sadly it died after many years of hard work. I was shown & tested a Sauber Intelligence by a Godfreys saleswoman a few years ago. Well I can tell you, I was impressed. The quality, workmanship and results with Sauber are second to none. I have since gone on to purchase a Brilliance Steamer and a Commercial Powerprof. The performance of all Sauber products is absolutely fantastic. Don't be put off by the price, they are an investment in your health, work performance and will outlast any other machine I have tried.
Intelligence SI-200
"Great Investment"
The salesman really had to work with me as initially I really didn't want to spend so much. Didn't take too long for me to realise that this was going to be a good investment. The quality spoke for itself and an absolute pre-requisite for me, besides having a good filtering system was that it had to be quiet. Well, it did not disappoint on both fronts - no odours whilst vacuuming and without a doubt the best filtering system I have ever seen in a non-commercial vacuum. With this machine, cleaning house is a breeze and a pleasure to do now - the house actually smells clean. The added attachments are sufficient and easy to use. Thank you for a great machine. Would highly recommend it.
Intelligence SI-200
"Love It!!!"
I walked into Godfreys swearing I was buying a Hoover as i have only had a hoover for as long as i have been vacuuming.
The Salesman was very helpful and advised me about the Sauber Vacuum.
I must admit after much confusing about spending a little more we decided that we would purchase the Sauber, and i am so glad we did, best investment...I ACTUALLY LOVE VACUUMING...Great for our Dog that is constantly losing hair. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Intelligence SI-200
"Fantastic investment."
Fantastic investment. Don't let the price put you off as it is well worth the expense. For the functionality the cleaner is quieter then what you would expect. I have white carpet throughout my home and they look brand new again. Great for pet owners and allergy sufferers
Intelligence SI-200
Best vacuum on the market , high quality amazing machine worth the extra money to purchase.
Intelligence SI-200
"Best ever so far"
Cleans everything my old one didn't so far, and the shark wasn't bad either. A++++ so far...
Intelligence SI-200
Highly impressed with its performance !!!
Intelligence SI-200
Excellent vac, I can only say how great it is to use. It's light weight, quiet and does a great job on the carpet. It's expensive but worth every penny!
Intelligence SI-200
"Enjoy doing the vacuuming!"
I just brought a sauber SI-200 today and never actually thought I would enjoy doing the vacuuming , this vacume is worth every dollar. Not much noise and a crazy amount of power.. I love it...
Intelligence SI-200
"Very Impressed"
I purchased the Sauber last year and am very, very impressed but would be very disappointed if it wasn't as great as told it would be for the price. Its turbo head is the best around and it sucks up anything in its way, including all pet hair and that's no bull. I like that it's not too loud and is allergy friendly. I also purchased mine from Godfreys and the sales lady was very informative, honest and gave a discount as well as throwing into the deal a carpet shampooer. I would highly recommend the Sauber vacuum, it does better than any other you will be surprised.
Intelligence SI-200
"This machine is AMAZING!"
This machine is AMAZING! I went to Godfreys looking for a powerhead vac due to my dogs hair getting in the carpet and there was no turning back after seeing how effective it is. With a newborn in the house the filter system was something very important and it certainly lives up to the hype. After doing the whole house and not seeing a single dog hair in the carpet afterwards, I knew it was worth the money. Love it love it love it!
Intelligence SI-200
This machine is amazing!! I was looking for a power head for my ducted vacuum at Godfreys when they tried to up-sell me into the Sauber. I was very skeptical as it was much more than i wanted to spend, and really couldn't see how it would make a difference. They convinced me to trial it for the night and return if i really didnt like it. 9 months on and i have to say, WOW!!!!!! I love the Sauber, no regrets at all. I am glad i purchased as i had a malamute that was impossible to clean up after. The Sauber just works pefectly everytime. Vacuuming has now become the easiest chore i have at home.
Intelligence SI-200
"Love our Sauber vacuum cleaner"
We love our Sauber. It does a really deep clean, is easy to handle . We bought it because it has the extra power to clean carpets deeply without damaging the fibres. We have had it for a year now and really love the way it cleans.
Intelligence SI-200
"The best health product for the floor"
I have emphazema and from time to time we "my wife and I have bought our self poor on a great variety of vacuum cleaners trying to keep the floors and mattresses dust free. Now after some month of having had the use of a sauber intelligence cleaner I would recommend to anyone what great product the sauber is.

top market product.
Intelligence SI-200
"the school holiday saviour"
School holidays mean glitter everywhere through the house, dirt, and fur from the moulting dwarf lop bunnies. My old vacuum cleaner would have flatly refused to even attempt clearing up this mess! So glad I now have a Sauber, he just quietly does the job with no hint of complaint. And not even a whiff of bunny hair to be seen! The Sauber constantly amazes me.
Intelligence SI-200
"Great machine"
As all other reviews, this is a really great machine. Glad I was given a few bags to start off with, I have been through 3 bags in the first 3 weeks, and they are expensive. So that is one downfall, and in saying this I now have to get a cheap crapper for the garage now as don't want to waste bags on large stuff like gravel and glass from out there filling it up. Apart from that there is now WAY LESS dust accumulating in my computer filters.
I had vacuumed the morning I got it and filled a bag after doing only half the lounge and dining room, and thats not a big area, so that shows how much dirt was left by my i-vac which I thought was not too bad.
No need for earmuffs when cleaning, Just troll the power-head SLOWLY over your carpet and you might dig up gold.
I highly recommend this even though it is expensive, I think its worth it with the servicing and warranty provided.
Intelligence SI-200
Much better that the two last Dyson. This device is great and easier to use.
Intelligence SI-200
"Nothing can match the superior performance of a Sauber."
As someone who cleaned houses for over 20 years I'm well qualified to comment on vacuum cleaners and ducted vacuum systems as I've used many, many different brands during that time including Dyson and Electrolux.
However, none can match the superior performance of a Sauber.
I have 2 dogs indoors so have always had a machine with a powerhead as this is the only effective way to remove dog hair from carpet. There are lots of cleaners with turbo heads but few with a genuine power head. I've worn out several over 37 years and when my last cleaner died just prior to Christmas I started researching online for a new one which would meet my needs. Sauber came up as a good candidate so I visited two Godfrey stores and had a demo at each. I was impressed from the start and although the price was initially confronting I looked at it as an investment over many years. My husband was reluctant (due to price) but after seeing the demo was totally convinced.
The 10 year service plan is a great idea, after all you service your car regularly to keep it in good working condition why not your cleaner?
We are thoroughly happy with our Sauber, it is quiet, efficient and a pleasure to use. We are an allergy and asthma family so find the filtration system a real advantage. I initially thought the bags were too small and filled up quickly after the first vacuum where I realised just how much dirt the supposedly "clean carpets" were holding. I now find the bags really do last much longer than you think and take quite a while before they are full because the carpets are much cleaner. An excellent vacuum which I think will be my best friend into old age.
Intelligence SI-200
I love my Sauber. I actually enjoy vaccuuming now! Thanks Sauber
Intelligence SI-200
"My new best friend!"
How I ever lived without this machine is beyond me. Hayfever and sneezing, GONE! I now feel comfortable letting my 1 year old godson crawl around my carpets. This machine is the be all and end all of vacuum cleaners. Being 24, I now know that I will never own another brand of machine. A new Sauber customer for life!
Intelligence SI-200
This is by far the best vacuum cleaner on the market. Excellent cleaning ability. Easy to operate and change bags.
Would not hesitate to recommend.
A joy to use!
Intelligence SI-200
"Fabulous best vacuum cleaner ever!"
It is so good my 4 year old and I playfully fight over who can use it next. We have given the mchine head names so he knows which one to get - big bertha and mini martha ! If you ar considering a new machine - it is worth every cent.

Intelligence SI-200
"WOW! Awesome Machine!"
We purchased our Sauber late 2012 and I can finally vacuum again. It is not only quiet but doesn't make me sneeze, cough or end up have asthma attacks! Best vacuum ever and I don't think I could ever go back to an ordinary one again! Thank you Sauber!!! :-)
Intelligence SI-200
"Excellent Machine"
We cannot fault this machine and highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. Definitely worth the money and the guarantee is fantastic.
Intelligence SI-200
"Fantastic cleaner"
We had purchased a Wetheim vacuum cleaner some time ago which we were never happy with. We ended up returning this to Godfreys and upgraded to the Sauber.
What a great cleaner. Easy to use, great suction and cleans beautifully. Although expensive, we hope to have this machine for many years. Also easy for my son to use.
Intelligence SI-200
"AWESOME !!! The best vacuum i have ever used"
This machine is the best i have ever used, my house is more than clean, and my kids aren't scared of it. Love it, Love it, Love it !!!
Intelligence SI-200
"Looking forward to the next cleaning day!"
After my wife's recent knee and feet surgery, I have taken up the house cleaning chores. Fortunately for me our old vacuum cleaner died just in the nick of time and we replaced it with a Sauber Intelligence. Wow!! We are totally impressed with the machine's quietness, its suction strength, its easy maneuverability ... and most of all, its design is superbly fit-for-purpose in all respects. I now look forward to getting out the Sauber.
Intelligence SI-200
"Found product to be above expectations"
We are intending to use our new vaccum at our new home, but from what we saw in the godfeys store, we believe this to be better than meile for vaccums.
Intelligence SI-200
"A fantastic machine that met all my needs"
My daughter has a bad allergy to dust mites and since buying the Sauber vacuum cleaner, she has stopped sneezing. It met all my specifications for a vacuum cleaner- that is a power head, hepa and carbon filter, filter bags and a machine constructed with material other than plastic.
Intelligence SI-200
"Great Machine"
My previous vac was a weirthemer and this is def a better machine. Stronger parts and much more ergonomic to use. This machine should last as long as my old lux. The only thing I think that could be better designed is the brush holder on the hose, which when attached is easily knocked off when vacuuming. Otherwise a great vac with heaps of power and tech and not too many plastic bits.

Intelligence SI-200
"This is an awesome machine."
This is an awesome machine. It has great suction and its suction is controllable by your fingertips. I had a wertheim before this and it was a great machine. The reason I bought this was because it was all german. I only wish that sauber would bring out a cordless vacuum.
Intelligence SI-200
"Quality Machine Decent After Sales Service"
This was my 3rd Vaccum Cleaner in 4 years including trying the so called "high end " brands
This one is by far the best as far as quality of cleaning and optionality is concerned
Had a rough moment when the attachment for plain timber floor hit the floor too hard and the PVC fitting cracked
When took it bakc to Godfreys who it turned passed ti on to Sauber they replaced that part immeditaley no problem

Intelligence SI-200
"Best Vacuum Cleaner that I have ever used"
I had not heard about Sauber until the store manager from Godfrey's pointed out all of the features and the 5 year warranty so I traded in my 6 month old Hoover [that had been in for repairs more than at home]. I have recommended this vacuum cleaner to everone i know even though it is one of the most expensive on the market the old saying you get what you pay for is so true!
Intelligence SI-200
"Simply the Best"
After having owned several brands of vacuum cleaners over the years, with the last two being a Dyson and Electrolux Oxygen3 I was very interested to try out the new Sauber Intelligence. Following a full demonstration of the cleaner and all its features in our local Godfreys store. I was extremely impressed and now after having owned one for nearly a year, I'm hooked. There is not one single thing that I can fault. It is very well built with the best filtration system I have ever seen in a vacuum cleaner. Its so quiet and a pleasure to use. The suction power is superior to the Dyson and Electolux vacuum cleaners that I have owned. What a great warranty. I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone who is in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Now having owned the Sauber Intelligence I would look at nothing else.
Intelligence SI-200
"Excellent machine "
The best vac we have ever brought beats the Dyson hands down
Intelligence SI-200
"Very happy"
In store demonstration convinced us that your machine was superiour to all the others and it was
Intelligence SI-200
"Great machine"
My old faithful Hoover upright, the last one of a long line, wasn't doing the job any more so I went to Godfreys and tried a few different types out. The Intelligence SI-200 is just a bit heavier to manoeuvre but does an excellent job. I couldn't believe the amount of dust it pulled out on the first run! And I thought our deep pile wool carpet was kept clean with regular vacuuming! (Due to my wife's injured back I have done the housework for 30 or more years). The controllable suction is great. I purchased in October last year and have just changed the first filter last week. I
only wish there was an extra small power head (c. 90 mm) to fit between large furniture fixtures as is supplied as an on-board appliance with the Hoover upright. The Sauber's are too wide for this purpose and the crevice tool only
performs the static suction.
Intelligence SI-200
"Great for people with allergies"
i have had allergies all my life and this vacuum cleans the house now with out me even sneezing. excellent product, keep up the good work
Intelligence SI-200
"Great vac!"
Replaced our 20 y.o. Elextrolux with a Sauber because we wanted the same longevity, and other brands just looked and felt cheap and unsubstantial. Very happy with the performance of the Sauber. Only down side is its weight - but that's part of the quality of the product I guess.
Intelligence SI-200
"Fantastic vacuum, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT :)"

I had my old cleaner (electrolux) for over 20years and finally had to replace it :( wear and tear had really taken its toll.

Tried out lots of different machines and just couldn't go past the SAUBER.
Just like my old electrolux but new and improved :)

I needed a vacum that would really get into my carpet, because I have birds in my house and seeds get trodden in to the carpet and I don't want to spend all day trying to get them out. I also have a cat and a dog who leave fur around.

The SAUBER has fantastic suction, is very solid, quiet and smart. Nothing is left behind when you are using the powerhead. You get all the tools you need to keep your house clean and you don't even have to check the bag because the cleaner does it for you :)

Intelligence SI-200
Delighted with performance of our Sauber Intelligence Si-200 Vacuum machine, would recommend to any Purchaser, top quality.
Intelligence SI-200
"Totally awesome"
I have had more than five different brands of vacuums throughout my life and none of them come up to level of the Sauber. I love using it and although I have not used all the extra bits the small head is magic for the car and for stairs.I have had it for almost a year and wouldn't change it for anything. The after sales service is excellent also.
Intelligence SI-200
"Really impressive."
I've had this vacuum for almost a year and it hasn't disappointed me. I've used all it's features including the extra tools for scrubbing tiles and furniture and it's awesome. The quality really shows through and I know I'll be glad I bought a Sauber when I look at it years from now.
Intelligence SI-200
"Excellent cleaner - with 3 dogs I vacuum every day and sally sauber doesnt even get warm"
I need a cleaner that wont wear out. The last one lasted 4 years and by the look of the sauber I will wear out before it does. A clever little machine.
Intelligence SI-200
"Fantastic vaccum cleaner, one of the best on the market."
My previous vacuum cleaner needed repairs, so it was off to Godfreys with the vacuum cleaner in tow.
When I was asked if I was happy with my old vacuum (Wertheim) and I said no, I made the decision to change to the Sauber.

This vacuum cleaner is very user friendly and does a much better job.
It is simple things that make it easier to use, lighter to pull and swivels and turns better on the wheels.
Also has a fantastic power head which is so easy to use and is great with picking up endless amounts of Cat fur from our Lilac Burmese.

The old saying that you pay for what you get is very true in this instance. To me it is one of the best vaccum cleaners on the market and well worth what I paid for it. I can thoroughly recommend a Sauber to anyone who wants the job done properly the first time.
Intelligence SI-200
"Fabulous Vacuum! This job is no longer a chore."
After my old Vac of 20 years finally died I was in the market for a new one and initially was only looking at spending around $600. After I saw the demo at my local Godfrey's Store, I was quite impressed and I thought, what the hec, if it lasts me as long as my old vac did, I'll be happy. Now, I have to say, I'm ecstatic that I decided to purchase the Sauber Inteligence SI-200, because It cleans all my hard floors so well that I don't have to go over it with my fine dust mop anymore like I used to with my old vac. Also, the Sauber leaves the air in the room much cleaner and with much less dust than my old vacuum did. This is great news for me as I'm alergic to dust and the Sauber is much quieter than my old vacuum cleaner so my daughter doesn't complain about the vacuuming noise. The power head with wheels makes it a breeze to push around and the auto suction adjustmet feature is a great way to conserve some energy when going from carpets to hard floors. All in all, I love it and would recommend the Sauber Intelligence to anyone looking for a new vaccuum cleaner.
Intelligence SI-200
"Fabulous Machine"
Love this machine, with dogs in the house and kids this machine 1/2's your vacuuming time!

So glad that we took that step and went with the Sauber. Even the kids love to get the machine out to vacuum, anything is good in my books if it gets the kids helping with housework!
Intelligence SI-200
"Best ever"
I have a fluffy cat that manages to drop hair continuously - no other vacuum has managed to pick the hair up at all. I have had to physically rake it out of the carpet.

Since buying this vacuum - I don't see any hair whatsoever, the carpet looks professionally cleaned every time.

I couldn't believe how quickly the bag filled up when we first bought it - it was unbelievable to think my carpets had never been truly cleaned.

We couldn't live without it now.
Intelligence SI-200
"Amazing vacuum cleaner"
We have an Alaskan Malamute that sheds hair (long hair, appr 2-3 inches long) 365 days of the year. The hair manages to thread itself into our carpets.

Before we purchased this vacuum, we would spend hours on our hands and knees(per room) to try to get all of the hair out of the carpet and still not get all of the hair. We went to Godfreys to look at power heads for our ducted system and the sales guy tried to show me the Sauber. We were not interested until he showed us the hair demonstration.

We decided to purchase knowing that we had 10 days to return it if we didn't like it. 14 days later and we LOVE vacuuming now!!!! It gets all of the dog hair out of the carpet now with a small amount of effort.

We have no regrets, this is the best appliance we have ever bought. Yes it is expensive, though it is worth every dollar for us. (Make sure you convince them to throw in the 20 pack of replacement bags). Enjoy.
Intelligence SI-200
"Brilliant! Love it! Finally vacuuming is a pleasure."
Finally a vacuum that is user friendly! My last vacuum cleaner was a Wertheim which had brilliant suction but was hard Yakka on any carpet with any depth to the pile ( notice how all the shops have almost no pile on their demo carpets). I hated vacuuming and my back ached by the time I had finished. The Sauber is light to use, very easy to pull along, is very quiet and does a brilliant job of cleaning. The head is so easily manoeuvered and a little smaller so it is easy to vacuum under dining chairs. No other cleaner comes close to this in quality. Costs a little more but in the long run with warranty and service is well worth it.
Intelligence SI-200
"What a great machine!"
In researching online for a new vacuum cleaner I read about the Sauber Intelligence & went to the local Godfreys store for a demo. After seeing the demo & learning all about it, we decided it was either a Sauber or nothing! One month on & I have to say am so glad we got it. I find myself vacuuming even when it doesn't need it, just because I love using the machine so much.
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